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why i decided to run 

I have been a member of the Hillsborough County community my entire life. I attended public schools and launched my ministry in our great community.  I have witnessed the growth of the county and experienced its challenges. Hillsborough County has reached a moment in time where we must create innovative solutions to the challenges ahead. Being a community leader for over 11 years, I have gained experience in problem solving, risk management, and the appropriate skills necessary for the complex issues that face our county. I am prepared to make sound judgments and always protect the interests of the people of this county.



Elvis Piggott is a Hillsborough County native, a lifelong leader and pastor. He is a Legislative Aide in the 5th largest church in the US, and has experience working with multi-million-dollar budgets. He is an advocate in the Hillsborough County School system and is consistently stepping forward focusing on the improvement of the county and the welfare of its residents.

Elvis was instilled with a passion for service at a young age. Being part of an international church focusing on community service his natural personality and leadership qualities took center stage.  He is the choir leader that could not sing, yet his unique ability to inspire and lead created a joyful noise.

The children of Hillsborough County fuel his passion for public service. It is difficult for a child to perform well on a standardized test when they are uncertain where they will sleep that night, or worried about whether they will have something to eat. This has driven Elvis to work with housing, education, and economic development. These three elements form the cornerstone of the future of Hillsborough County.

After years of serving behind the scenes, Elvis is now stepping forward. Bringing with him the tools and experience necessary for creating procedures and processes to confront our counties needs.



For as long as I can remember I have worked to make Hillsborough County a better place, through my work in ministry, volunteering and dedication to social causes. My goal has always been to make a difference in the lives of my congregation, neighbors, colleagues, and our community. This passion to serve is why I am so excited to be a dedicated public servant to the people of Hillsborough County. 



Hillsborough County deserves a principled leader with a bold vision for the future.  We are faced with challenges in economic development, transportation, infrastructure, education, and safety. Proper leadership is necessary to navigate our community through these challenges. I am running because I have the necessary experience to take this county and region to the next level.