A key pillar of our platform is to promote growth through a vigorous support of our county’s economic development efforts, retaining and growing our locally owned businesses, and generating strategies to create jobs.

 Elvis will be a strong advocate for our small businesses, committed to increasing options and unlocking access to much needed resources our small businesses need for success. Elvis aims to work on developing projects that will attract businesses and industries to invest time and money in our county


Transportation is the Achilles heel of our county. It is time to update the transportation policy to meet our counties growing needs. Increase the fixed route system and create a dedicated funding stream for transportation projects.  

We must foster innovative solutions, look at developing partnerships to deploy technology such as autonomous vehicles, on demand ride-share services, first mile - last mile solutions. 


Elvis has been committed to finding solutions for the issues facing schools in Hillsborough County. A great believer in equality in education, he has focused on closing the achievement gap, supporting early literacy programs, and providing subsidies for after school tutoring programs.


Neighborhoods are the fabric of this community and its backbone. While we focus efforts on our urban development we must also keep in mind our rural and suburban neighborhoods. Elvis as your next County Commissioner will focus efforts on working with community leaders and stakeholders to develop the proper infrastructure for our neighborhoods to thrive.


The biggest deterrent to crime is the presence of uniformed public law enforcement officers. Elvis will work with our police forces to increase safety in our county and foster a law enforcement culture sensitive to our communities. Elvis believes we should support more community orientated policing and community engagement. He will work with community and law Enforcement leaders to provide the essential resources to safeguard our families and communities.